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Citizens of Alaska get dividends on oil.
Pennsylvanians should get dividends on coal.
USA citizens should get dividends on, well,
what are the "Blessings of Liberty" (Constitution).

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Constitution of the United States of America
This is a lightly-annotated copy of the Constitution of the United States of America. To save space, the paragraph symbol (¶) is shown instead of a line break. Articles, Amendments and Sections are made bold instead of a line break. The word “Section” is shown as the section symbol (§). Amendments are annotated with dates when passed by Congress and ratified. Changes to Articles and Amendments are annotated with the tilde symbol (~) and the Amendment number (and section number if applicable). Articles are numbered with Roman numerals (e.g., VII) and Amendments are numbered with Arabic numerals (e.g., 7).
Send me your comments, complaints, suggestions:         May 20, 2003

The U.S. Constitution on one sheet of paper:
Print the first page, put back in printer, print second page.
Fold on the lines and put in your pocket.
Note: Print is very small, you may need a magnifer.

U.S.Constitution PDF file   or   buy it printed (only $8).
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Also, please realize this is one-sheet print-out intended for folding and pocketing -- no cutting.
A micro-book (and mini-book) version is for the future.

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